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Photo Credit: Marion - NTC Kabale
NTC Kabale Building structure

NTC Kabale : 2022-06-26

NTC Kabale, is one of the Five National Teacher’s Training Colleges in Uganda. It is located in South-Western Region of Uganda, within Kabale Municipality. It sits on over

68.4 acres of land with very good access roads from Kabale town center. The Institution started in 1984 offering course of study that lead to award of diplomas in secondary teachers training, in-service training for primary school and nursery teachers training. NTC Kabale also offers Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers training.

The College is affiliated to Kyambogo University Faculty of Education, therefore admissions, course content and practices comply with the set standards of the University.

Institutional Description

NTC Kabale is a science based National Teachers College which aligns it well with the current Government focus on prioritizing science subjects and therefore contributing to increasing secondary school science teachers. The Institution is among the few that offer training in Early Childhood Development that is currently a growing need and therefore providing market for the trained teachers.

The College is currently the only one in Uganda that trains teachers for Kiswahili language which also is being promoted nationally. The College has been a center of critical innovations, it initiated the Patriotism clubs that have steadily spread across other Colleges and in secondary schools.

The College owns a big piece of land of over 68.4 acres within the Municipality of Kabale town on which currently there is ideal infrastructure of Buildings, roads, pathways, water, power supply and the College farmland. The College land is relatively big, very prime and a great opportunity for further development.

The Institution is privileged to be in partnership with the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel). This has provided tremendous support to improve the College infrastructure, various capacity building programs for Governing council, management and staff.

The Government finances the College programs through providing students tuition and

salaries for government hired staff. The Institution through its locally raised funds supplements efforts of the Government by funding additional staff and various College projects.

Governance and Management

The College is governed by a strong Governing council fully instituted with key sub- committees. The GC provides direction in regard to policy frame work operationalization in alignment with the Tertiary and other institutions act and the education service commission regulations and standing orders. They support the leadership and management team of the Institution in the running of the College. The management, headed by the principal oversees the day to day operations of the College.

Demographic trends

There has been steady growth in the demography of the Institution. The total number of teaching staff is 52 (39 males and 13Females), while the number of non-teaching staff is 56 (26 Males and 30 Females). A total of 73 staff are recruited by Public service and are therefore Government employees while 35 are recruited by the Governing Council and employed by the College.


The current students’ enrollment has been growing steadily since 1984 to the current number of 2311 (for DES, DEP and ECD). The ratio of men to women is 1321:990. The Institution is working to attract more girls to improve the ratio.

Article By: Marion Taaka

Teaching Staff

Mr. Okot Lawot (RIP)

Principal - 1997-1999

Mr. Nyakito Charles

Principal - 2018-2020

M.Ed, B.Ed, Dip.Ed, Grade III Cert., CTEP, CCTI